Thursday, 5 April 2012

Anthology Calls for Submissions

As of late, I have been actively seeking publication in anthologies to get some more publishing credits for when I start marketing my books next year. I have found a few places that are looking for submissions for themed anthologies, so I thought I would share my knowledge with all of you. The following publishers are seeking all different kinds of erotica from soft and romantic to hot.

Xcite Books

Xcite Books is looking for submissions ranging from 3,000 to 5,000 words with several different themes. They are a UK publishing company that does both print and e-book formats. To check out what they're looking for go to

Forbidden Fiction

Forbidden Fiction is seeking submissions ranging from short story to novella length for themed anthologies. Check out their guidelines and calls for submission at

Silver Publishing

Silver Publishing is seeking submissions for mainly the 10,000+ word count range, and their main focus of interest is in M/M scenarios. They have several themed calls all with specific guidelines and requirements. Check them out at

Ravenous Romance

Ravenous Romance is seeking short story submissions between 2.500 words and 5,000 words. They also accept novel submissions. Check out their submission guidelines and requirements at All calls for anthology submissions are published on their blog at

There are, of course, many others who are seeking short stories for individual sale and/or for anthologies. A great place to find these calls and publishers is

Happy writing, everyone!!

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